Monday, December 17, 2007

my 2007 flicks

so.. it has been a long time since i posted on this site.. well this post wud actually be different coz it's not a short stories neither any artsy article.. just an article regarding muvies I recently watched that were extremely brilliant! those muvies are Enchanted (of course), Stardust, Waitress and Reign Over Me. Two big-budget muvies and two indies...

Let's review them one by one.. :P

1. Enchanted

Hehehe.. i guess a big giggle and blushing cheeks wud have conclude what I felt when I was watching Enchanted.. it was fun, romantic, funny. Kudos to Kevin Lima for such an untypical fairytale but yet I still feel that the Ball scene in which they need to dance with sumbody else n x their partner wass a forced scene instead of it to be natural. but still.. it's a very exciting and entertaining chick or kids or adult flick and shud be watched by everybody.

2. Stardust

I guess.. Stardust is definitely the competition for Enchanted when we talk bout the fairytale of the year. The storyline is brilliant and not forceful. The comedy is fresh and despite the fresh faces (Claire Danes and the hero I dunno his name) that lead the story.. yet they manage to keep it up with Michelle Pieffer and Robert diNero. Even my sis said that Stardust is much better than Enchanted.. well I don have my opinion regarding that.. but I guess Stardust wud be much appealing to male audience than Enchanted coz it's not as Disney as Enchanted,, if you know what I mean. :)

3. Waitress

Waitress is a strong indie muvi directed by actress-turned-director Adrienne Shelly. I guess the hype to this muvi increased especially after the murder of unfortunately our miss director. But still.. this muvi is great n despite the thick country accent, the messages of motherhood, deception and friendship is as thick as the accent. This muvi didnt hit the theatre in M'sia if I'm not mistaken.. so wut else? download the torrent key!

4. Reign Over Me

My fren, Shidan Babi (refer to worth-clicked) recommended me to watch this muvi as he's so excited with the interrupted (read sex-obsessed) lady character acted by Saffron Burrow which he said has the bakatlaa to be sex maniac in real life or in his dream to be particular. :P Anyway.. it's Adam Sandler who actually steals the show with his post-traumatic character. He nailed it and this is actually the 1st tyme adam impressed me with his acting.

so guys.. if u are looking 4wards for gud stuffs.. here they are.. daaa~~~