Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Born to Make You Happy - Britney Spears

 (As written on Facebook)

I arrived from KL to UTP on the 28th. Tired. Somehow a lil bit uneased after the interview on Friday. So, that night I totally have no mood for any celebration. And I was also glad that no one put any notion of celebrating. So I spent the night watching Ugly Betty. Oh, it's nearing to its end. There goes my inspirational TV series.

Anyway, the next day is a new day. And it started with a plan to go breakfast with Ena. We had breakfast together and it's on her (relevantly!). We also go to the cake shop. Tapi beli choc ball and cupcakes. Ergh, cupcakes tak sedap kan mok?

Lunch? With Mira. We went to our fav mee udang stall. I ate nasi goreng udang banjir, on Mira (of course!). Tapi nasi yang Mira order tak pedas. Takpe Mira, next tyme pulak.

Petang, I indulged myself eating Amin's mom's baulu. Abeskan satu packet sorg2. haha.. and then terkejut bila Mino ajak pegi shabu2. sebab waktu tu da kenyang. tapi layan je.

So at night Mino, Jigo, Hilal, Pat, Pulah, Ridhwan, Nik and I went to shabu2. First time pegi, so obviously I'm excited. We had so much fun (makan kot~), I love the BbQ. We laughed a lot imagining ourselves in a food challenge of Amazing Race and had fun watching abang askar approaching prostitutes. :P

Back in UTP, the debaters (thru Mocca), asked me to come to watch their training. I somehow have got the feeling that they want to celebrate my birthday. So I just went. And yeah, Mocca is totally not a good secret-keeper, guys. Anyway, it's a sweet surprise. Thank you for the cake and the thoughts!

And to others, my family members. Thank for the shopping gifts. haha Your support and encouragement has led in the end of me buying office attires (da nak keje la mksudnya) ;P

To my friends back in KL, tho I left before my birthday, all of our hang outs has enough love to sustain as my birthday presents. Yang tak ada kat KL pun (you know who you are), I know how much you want to be in KL at that time but your presence is always felt anyway. :)

To all my BFF's, lupa or tak lupa my birthday, things will always be the same. I don't put any expectations of how friendship should be conducted. And I hope that if somehow I forget your birthdays, please know that remembering birthdates does not define feelings and emotions that we have shared and known for so long.

and lastly, to all wishers on my fb page, I just want you guys to know that you guys really made me occupied on replying to ur wishes. thank you for the remembrances. just to let you guys know that you can still write on my page who it's not my birthday. :p

*love, hugs and kisses*

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Zoobi Doobi - Sonu Nigam & Shreya Ghosal


Aal iz welll!!!!