Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Top 10 Albums

These are the albums that I can play all the time on my playlist without feeling bored with even one song in them. They are the album that has good songs, good musics, good arrangement and can never dissapoint you. This is only for artist album and not including soundtracks. that could be for another post. I just wanna share this with you guys and drop me some comments if you have ur own opinion! :)

10. Laundry Service - Shakira

I listened to this album when I was in form 3, still guna cassette player. this is a cool album, with Shakira offering Latin spice in various genre of songs. we have tango (Objection), pop rock (Rules) and pop mcm Whenever Wherever. i cant stop listening to this album otw to and back from Dungun where I had my debate competition there. Until now, the songs in this album are still my favs.

9. Famous Last Words - Hedley

This band from Canada is amazingly good. I like their fresh and energetic mood especially in the song 'She's So Sorry'. tapi my personal pick in this album is 'Never Too Late' which is very unique and apart from most songs in this album. Hedley is one of the many bands yg I can stand the vocal and the music, combined. :)

8. Alright, Still - Lily Allen

This UK bombshell really made a splash with her debut album. With the distinct accent and sound, she quickly gained my attention with her catchy 1st single, 'Smile'. After listening to her full album, her identity of catchy and quirky music and lyrics couldnt be denied. My favs are 'Littlest Thing' , 'LDN', 'Friday Night' and 'Shame For You' The other tracks are just as amazing.

7. 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane - t.A.T.u

t.A.T.u gained recognition more by their sexuality but coming with that was beautiful sounds produced in this debut album. For me, this album is electronically perfect. With distinct electronic/dance numbers, they really manage to capture the young hearts. I love all the songs in this album so I don't think I needa point out any track. Just listen to all.

6. Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson

The 2nd studio album from Miss Clarkson was definitely her best effort still. The pop rock mood brought forward thru this album is not just listenable but they're all like top 10 materials. Kelly Clarkson's vocal is undeniably excellent and the songs and the vocal compliment each other. I would pick 'Addicted' and 'Walk Away' as my favs, but yeah, all songs rawk!

5. We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things - Jason Mraz

Wake Up!!! Jason Mraz isnt all about 'I'm Yours' which I had listened to like more than a year ago. get this album and you'll know he's a folk pop genius. I love folk pop and Jason Mraz is one of my fav artist of the genre. This album is fresh with lotsa acoustic in it and yet, that's what set him apart from other artist. My fav would be 'Butterfly' and 'If It Kills Me'. But of course who can forget the obvious 'I'm Yours' and 'Lucky' that has become overrated nowadays. :)

4. Back to Black - Amy Winehouse

This problematic girl despite all her shenanigans is definitely a musical force to reckon with! This album is dark, and disturbing but yet the best record I've listened to yet. the weight in her vocal, combined with the emotional and well-composed songs are just total synergy. If you're seeking for a difference in your playlist, grab this album and you'll definitely be satisfied. My personal pick would be 'Back to Black', 'Addicted' and 'You Know I'm No Good'.

3. The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

Ahhh, another band, another great album. This album is just an amplified My Chemical Romance. They're like giving their all for this album until for some reason I am quite nervous of what state of excellence of their next album that they can bring in to compete with the Black Parade. But yeah, this album is like a dream album from a band, with every track has it's own energy and emotional wreck. I love every single song in this album but the obvious would be 'This is How I Dissappear', 'The Sharpest Lives', 'Famous Last Word' and 'Cancer'. Oh, oh.. actually I do have my bestest pick.. it's 'Mama' which I think of it as the new version of Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. The operatic element is just great!

2. Stripped - Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has been my fav artist for long and I just love this 2nd album from her. It's totally not too poppish like her 1st, and not too retro like 'Back to Basics'. 'Stripped' is just a manifestation of her youth and this album can just relate to anybody who has anger, dissatisfaction and emotion, of course! Her vocal is amazing as always in this album and several collaborations blew me away as such 'Can't Hold Us Down' ft. Lil Kim and 'Impossible' ft. Alicia Keys. This album is filled with tracks that are full of souls and grooves and I know you'll like them.

1. Heroes Thieves - Vanessa Carlton

Oh.. I've been liking and promoting this album like forever and all the time. The album is in my handphone, mp3 player, my playlist and my mind. Funny that I've never liked Vanessa's 2 previous albums before I got my ears into listening to this album. This is what I call a folk pop perfection which any Jason Mraz's albums combined cant compete with. She just blew me away that every single track draws a certain level that are higher than the latter. She started this album with a comeback-track-larger-than-ever 1st single, 'Nolita Fairytale' telling the world how free she is now, and continue the album with tracks telling us about her split up with her ex-bf. Note, this is not an emo album bout a chick rambling negatively bout her life, but this is more than that. Her songs tell us about living life to the fullest, about regret, about hope, all in choice of words that cannot be anymore literature-wise. I won't recommend any fav pick coz I would pick every single track in this album as my most favourite. Just listen to this album and tell me what you guys think. :)

I guess that's all for now, i'll post more of my fav albums and songs. Enjoy for now!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tagged by Aimi

aku kene tagged dgn miss Aimi Jamshah.. ini adalah post paling susah penah aku buat selama ni! haihhh....

My top 10 favourite food.

:: ayam masak cuka, resipi my kakak, Ana
:: daging masak kicap, special hari raya, resipi Opah
:: mee rebus, resipi my stepmom
:: ayam goreng spicy McD
:: nasi goreng ayam madu restoran Salaam
:: Mee goreng telur mata Sithick
:: nasi lemak kukus + ayam goreng rempah + timun + kuah ayam masak merah + papedem kat kafe v5
:: sate Haji Samuri
:: strawberries <-- considered food jugak kan?
:: roti telur

10 Things I love doing
:: reading
:: jogging
:: not eating
:: singing
:: acting
:: annoying my bestfrens
:: traveling
:: watching movies
:: watching t.v series
:: shopping

5 Types of girls that I adore
:: cool
:: know what she's talking about
:: who has vision
:: who has great lips like Angelina Jolie
:: who has voice that I cant stop listening to

5 Things I love doing when I'm feeling down
:: nangis
:: dengar lagu sedeyh pastu nanges lagik
:: jalan sorang2 waktu malam2
:: tido
:: kol Udin, he is the type of fren dat can share your pain n cheer u up at the same time

5 Things I love doing when I'm happy
:: sing out loud
:: call my Dad
:: dengar lagu happy
:: senyum sorang2
:: bgtao ape yg happykan aku kat kwn2

10 Ways to win my heart
:: pandai menjaga hati aku
:: sensitif dengan keperluan aku, either it's time-out, space, or when I'm in need
:: respect
:: able to accept me for who I am
:: able to accept the fact that my family always comes first and love them like she loves me
:: able to accept my adorable friends for who they are and get along with them
:: be well educated both academically and religiously
:: always know what to say and when to say it
:: sempoi!
:: omg, buhsannya dis question! oh yeah, nk sumbody who can converse with me in English. it's a must ;)

My top 5 most favourite junk food
:: super ring
:: King's Brownies Tin Royal ice cream
:: keropok ayam Bika
:: Hershey's Kisses
:: choki choki

5 Things I wish it could happen soon
:: graduation
:: be a singer?
:: vacation in Europe
:: jadik jutawan and support my parents
:: duduk serumah dgn my loved one

10 Ridiculous things I wish to do before I die
:: mengembara ikut trail dalam novel Da Vinci Code pastu carik the Holy Grail? haha
:: join Angelina Jolie in her humanitarian efforts
:: jumpa Oprah Winfrey and cakap kat dia she has inspired me soo much
:: jumpa Fran Drescher (main actress in The Nanny) hahaha
:: ada multinational company with billions of profit
:: nk record my own song.. and perform dpn millions of people.. maybe buat world tour?
:: travel all around the world with my loved one
:: achieve 55kg of weight? ahhaah, dat means i need to lose 10 kg *sigh~
:: rescue Siti Nurhaliza from dato' K
:: masuk Amazing Race Asia dengan my bestie, Udin
:: be able to makan everything but maintain kurus

My top 10 recently most addicted song
:: Jordin Sparks - One Step at a Time
:: Jennifer Hudson - Spotlight
:: Coco - Mengintai Langit
:: Laura Paussini - It's Not Goodbye
:: Jem - I Always Knew
:: Malique ft. Najwa - Kau yang Punya
:: Misha Omar - Jawapanmu
:: Susan Cagle - Dear Oprah
:: McFly - Lies
:: Cassie - Is It You

10 Person I wish to tag
:: Pat
:: Meeno
:: Finz
:: Fidzy
:: Dosh
:: Udin ( I know you have blog!)
:: Lincat
:: Alin
:: Paan
:: Shidan

Omg, habis pun..

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hari Ini dan Semalam

weekend lepas aku spend masa di Shah Alam dan KL sbb ade hal sket. nnt aku ceritakan ape halnya. just that aku nk berkongsi cerita aku ttg ape yg terjadik pada aku pada hari ahad n sabtu hari tu. Memang sangat mengerikan.. sumpah kedua2 peristiwa dah meninggalkan kesan yang amat mendalam pada aku.

Sabtu, 4.40 p.m

Di jalan Kuala Lumpur yang sebuk, 5 orang remaja (ini bukan review cerita Kami ya!) sedang menyusuri kota itu dengan menaiki CLK (cute little Kenari, bukan Mercees :P) sebelum pemandunya, Din dan penumpang sebelah pemandu iaitu aku ternampak ada motosikal yg terbaring di tgh2 jalan. aku n udin menyangka yg sebentar tadi be lps terjadik kemalangan dan xde sape2 yg alihkan lagi moto tu.

tiba2.. kami terperasan sesuatu yg amat mengejutkan. rupa2nya ade orang yang terbaring bersama dgn motosikal itu. seorang pakcik tua dalam lingkungan umur lewat 60-an dgn mukanya yg tersembam, dan dengan mulut yang berlumuran darah dalam keadaan yang tidak sedarkan diri. aku yang terkejut trus suruh Din berhenti dan berlari kua menuju ke pakcik tu menyedari keadaan jalan raya yang sedang sesak dan bergerak pantas. risau2 ada keta yg tergilis pakcik tu ke. member aku dayat pun kua gak diikuti dgn beberapa brader2 laen yg iingin membantu pakcik tu.

kitorg pun trus alihkan moto pakcik tu ke tepi. pastu ramai2 agkt pakcik tu yg masih kaku ke tepi gak. wlupun klu ikutkan kita xleh sentuh org yg cedera sbb takut ade kecederaan dalaman, tp kami terpaksa alihkan sbb jalan sgt sesak. kebetulan ade sorg polis bermoto di tempat kejadian dan menegur sorg abg yg sedang menjerit3 suruh kwn dia tahan sebuah keta myvi.

abg polis muda: apa yg jadik neyh?

abg jeritan: keta myvi tu main masuk jek td dr simpang. pakcik ni tak sempat nk mengelak, trus langgar. saya ni nyaris nk gilis pakcik ni!

patut rr abang tu mrh sgt. naseb baek jugakla myvi tu xmembuat cubaan melarikan diri. seorang perempuan lewat 30-an kua dr keta dan terus diinterbiu polis tu. aku tgk dr jauh jek. aku n dayat masuk ke dalam keta dan meneruskan perjalanan kami sbb aku da xbleh nk bantu ape2. aku bukan saksi utama kejadian pun. huhu. ngeri~

Ahad, 2.30 p.m

Aku dalam tren yang bertolak dari stesen padang jawa untuk menuju ke KL Sentral. Kene berjumpa dgn Safuan dan Ayam di sana sebelum bertolak pulang ke UTP. Dalam kemengantukan yg termaat sgt aku duduk menghadap pasangan Indonesia laki dan perempuan. aku duduk betol2 menghadap si boyfren.

sedang aku memandang2 sekeliling... si bf Indon itu tiba-tiba mengangkat tangan kirinya. tangannya tergenggam.. cuma jari telunjuknya yang kelihatan. kemudian, perkara yang aku xsangak2 terjadik sepanjang perjalanan dlm tren itu sehingga ke beberapa stesen seterusnya. si bf Indon tu mengorek hidungnya dgn nikmat spjg perjalanan!

ya.. mengorek hidung dia.. lama2.. dalam2.. sampai sumpah aku terasa nk termuntah tersaksikan kejadian itu. yang bagusnya.. dia siap bleh korek idung smbil sembang ngan awek dia. awek dia tu terencat ke ape ntah aku pun tatau rr. korek idung mcm nak buat pembedahan otak! pastu aku plak siap terpandang jari jemari tangan kiri mamat tu. OMG, kuku pjg gler, hitam2 plak ujung nya. aku waktu tu tahan sebu perut jek. aku cuma mampu pandang pemandangan luar jek utk mengalihkan perhatian aku dr aktiviti tak senonoh mamat tu.

itu laa dianya kejadian2 yg berlaku kat aku spjg di KL. sangat mengejutkan dan mengerikan. semoga dapat menjadik tauladan pada kita sumer. Gatal plak hidung ni.. hurmmmm...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any 1 questions that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

Tag 5 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by and continue this game by sending it to other people.

Tagged by Fithri Natasha

What were you doing before this?
having lunch at nasi ayam v5 with Putra

If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?

I want to be rich and travel all around the world. with my loved ones of course

If you are the opposite gender, what would you do?

I would seduce man for money.. oops! No laa.. I'll be pretty and married Dato'. Oops! I'll just be myself je laa~

What would you do with a billion dollars?
invest to have billion more~

Will you fall in love with your bestfriend?
yerp. that's my virtue in love

Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?

when your are loving and loved by someone you want~

How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
until Im done waiting~

If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
Be frens.. be 'the' bestfren.

Have u ever been labeled as a snatcher?
tak kot~ i baek

What takes you down the fastest?
seeing abah nangis

How would you see yourself in ten years time?
still singing~

What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
a materialistic one. yerlaa.. dr atas td tasha asek ckp nk jadik kaya. :P

Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
neither if without love~

What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
grateful to be able to go thru another day.. ahh baeknya i!

Would you give all in a relationship?
hurm.. yerp

If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
the richer one.. no no.. the most good looking one.. no no.. the hurm.. of course the one who are the most kind-hearted

Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing the someone has done?
not sure. i think i'm getting cranky in time

Do you prefer being single or having a relationship?
relationship. with God, families, frens, and 'the one' :)

Who do you miss and absolutely cant wait to see now?
My besties in Shah Alam

I'm tagging all of you that read this post and who has blog obviously ;P