Thursday, April 15, 2010

All this Beauty - The Weepies

Ugly Betty!

It's weird that this series started when i was having a hard time in my studies,and now, it has ended during my last semester of studies. Remembering Betty the first time.. that big, bright, red Poncho. Who wouldn't cringe looking the irony of her in a fashion magazine??! But yeah, as what Willhemina said in the final episode 'You have big balls, Betty', indeed she has proven so through the entire 84 episodes of this series!

Betty dived into an alien world of fashion, with just a dream in becoming a successful writer. But accepting her job in Mode, perceived as a stepping stone didn't entirely giving her that straight 'runaway' to her dream especially when she's busy juggling 'baby-sitting' Daniel, maintaining her lovely relationship with the Suarez's, handling evil plots of Willhemina wanting to take over Mode and not to forget her ups and downs in love-life. Somehow, it isn't too hyperbolic to say that Betty is modern-life super-heroin figure we can see on TV. Well, maybe she doesn't come in leotard and with a mantel, but her fashion-'sense' still make statements! ;P

So she taught me, that no matter how lost I am in UTP, I will always find a way to survive. It's just the matter of trusting my ownself. Looking how supportive Suarez's are to each other made me realized that no matter how far you go astray, it's our family that will always accept you back in loving arms and warm dinner. haha. And always, when I need a laugh, who can resist all the stupidity of Amanda and Marc? Willhemina's one-liner witty yet evil quips can never be ignored! And Hilda, oh that sassy latina, she just give spice each and every episode that we just will miss her if she's not around.

So, what's next? For Betty? I'm dying to now what her life will be in London? what will happen between her and Daniel? how will Willy run Mode under her sole editorial prowess? how will Mar's creative be? will Amanda stomps the American stylista world, pushing aside that skinny-bitch Rachel Zoe? will Justin be a flaring-sassy show-performer? Oh please, a movie or a new season won't hurt. :)

What's next for me? After years Betty and I have been in an area out of our interest, it's now time that we embark on a new journey. Betty has found hers, and I know I'll find mine. Communication has always been a passion, and no matter how hard for me to find the ground, I would never violate my feelings and interest anymore. As Betty shades the Ugly off her shoulder, I know mine will eventually be a history that I could look back and smiled at too. Thank you Betty for the smiles, the laughs, the cries and the fashions that I will never forget!


aimi j. said...

too bad this is the last season.. i really do hope a movie will be in the works as soon as the season ends.. sgt sedih.. i want more! this season is just too good to come to an end :(

Isumaru said...

i know aimi. screw ABC!! what's worst is that the finale is too rushed, they cast didnt even hv a slot to say goodbye to us. sob2~

aimi j. said...

kan? the last episode tu irs mcm every scene sgt rush.. kjap kat sini, kjap kat sane.. dialogue pun smue jd cpt2.. frust sgt..

Isumaru said...

agak ah.. tp nanges gak ah i tgk.. bukan sedeh ape, mostly sbb knowing that this is goingt o be last seeing this series. huhu