Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Anugerah Juara Lagu ke 22

it's never too late to bitch bout the disaster that happened last sunday.. so, i'll take the honour to add up some spice to all the hype! Anyway, most of us had known bout the result and our new, most anticipated winner of ajl22 is (drumroll)!!!! Itu Kamu - Estranged

ok.. hurm.. ok.. hurm..




just because u changed ur tempo, n melody here and there.. just because u get all the hype for recording your 1st malay song, just because ur lead singer was the AF4 reject, and just cause ur song is different than typical malay songs (note: New Boyz, Siti Nordiana & Achik Spin), doesnt mean that u shud win! Darn, I was rooting for Izinku Pergi performed by Sahri (originally sang by Kaer which I quote from Cheryl Samad 'sedang sibuk belajar di Indonesia'). Izinku Pergi has better arrangement, and lyrics and yet.. budak setaun jagung juge yang kau pilih???

What a waste for Sulu Sarawak writing such a compelling lyrics about a man who lost his wife, and found a new lover and via dat song, asking for permission from his late wife to start a new life if that cudnt impress Syafinaz Selamat!
Lagu Ok, Lirik Ok, Suara sedap dah.. tapi pentas ni mcm nk robohlah, Sahri!

Arghhh... at least.. if not Sahri, the winning shud go to kak Nora with her song Samudera. Minus the fact that Fedtri is my fren, I totally dig the lyrics of the song that tells about how the author achieve personal confidence. Anyhow, this is the first winning of kak Nora in any finale of Juara Lagu, so kudos to her tho she didnt get the main prize.

Saya gembira. Ini kemenangan pertama saya di AJL! (ayat cliche)

The other award is Best Vocals which goes to Jac and Lah - Ceritera Cinta. I really love their singing. Very control and relax. Funny that Jac didnt have to go to the highest pitch, screaming and shouting, with flailing microphone (like in Gemilang) just to win this award.
I yg pilih Jac tu, almaklumlah I guru vokal!

And the best performance goes to, none other than our King of SMS..... Mawi - Angan dan Sedar!!! hurm.. actually, his performance is kinda entertaining.. and plus, he followed the theme of the night.. musical magic <---- he takes the theme literally, I guess! :P he deserves extra point for that.

so, what else do we have in the finale? Oh yeah.. the hosts. Fara Fauzana, Cheryl Samad, Faizal Ismail and Ally Iskandar. If only Ally Iskandar wasnt one of them, things shud be even better! I just hate him. I know him and I know that he's this one self-absorbed fella who thinks that he's the only one that's right.. wuteva!!! Fara Fauzana is entertaining as ever minus the selection of attire especially teh kaftan in the end. H.I.D.E.O.U.S! Faizal Ismail is funny as well and Cheryl Samad? A lot of wrong choices of words and sentences but they're all forgiven like 'anugerah juara lagu ke-22 telah memilih juara yang baru' of course my darling, xkan nak amek terlalu istimewa jadi juara skali lagi kot???

I pinjam baju Sharifah Aini, boleh? - Fara Fauzana

Anyway, that's all i got to say bout AJL22. Oh, one more, Dayang was excellent in all her performances. Her vocal is getting better and better. Lastly, what a messed up result we have this year. huhu

Apa kata peserta lain?:

I datang just nk tunjuk fesyen baru ni jek. Bukan nak menang pun! - HAJAH Ct

Kemenangan Estranged adalah tanda diskriminasi kepada Nora dan Sahri yg berbdn bsr. Saya dan Bob sentiasa menyokong mereka berdua! - Kak Aishah

Credit to Mino for all the pics!

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