Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Searching for a Theme

alryte.. i'm that sumbody who has a blog but very rarely updating it.. n why is that so? sumhow i feel like i hv no idea of what to write about.. lotsa my frens hv their own blog too... some of them write about their lives i.e what they do on that specific day.. blah blah blah, but, i'm just not that keen for ppl to know what i did, am doing n will do. some of my frens write about events that happened at the place (specifically university) that they're at, but it's just that i have a lot of shenanigans that i wud bitch about my uni..(hikhik) just that i think has done all the justice. that's y initially i decided to use my blogspot to publish all my unpublish short stories.. then it hit me hard when my own bestfren said that.. 'ala.. malas laa nk baca panjang2' huhu.. yeah.. kinda.. i pun malas nk menghadap lama2 skrin pc sendiri. so how?

i ponder upon myself n i say.. the heck.. lemme just write wuteva crossing my mind.. whether it's about me.. bout any event, ppl or place i wud like to bitch about, or to publish my short stories.. i'll do it here. after all.. not that i care if anybody reads 'em or not.. just that i need an e-diary.. huhu

anyway, still.. if you guys (who are reading) has any idea of wuteva u wanna hear from me (minus explicit materials..let's save 'em for all the pornsites) u guys are free to tell me that. definitely i'll work on request.. :P awwwryte.. gtg.. will update this blog asap!@!

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