Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Smile - Charlie Chaplin

One thing that I learnt about our late Yasmin Ahmad after reading (and crying over) her tribute in ADOI magazine is that however committed and serious she is in her artwork, she never lose her human touch through out the process.

Yes, it has been months I haven't updated this blog of mine(as usual) and you guys have known, I am currently doing my intenship in a corporate communication department in a multinational german car company. Guess it where yourself. This is my first experience working in a corporate environment and I have embraced it initially not until I learnt that however fun an event or process should be, you have to act serious all the time.

To those who know me, I am not the most serious person on earth. Yes i would want to get my job done, yes I want to produce it with the most exceptional quality, but at the same time, I never want to get all tight or stressed out about it. I want to enjoy the process, much to myself and with the people involved in it. And by enjoying it, doesn't mean that I can slack off.

In one of the tribute written by one of her ex-colleague, he wrote how one day, he was in a meeting in a glass partitioned room just outside Yasmin's room, and Yasmin, going into her room, stood facing him, lifted up her blouse and pressed her bare stomach against the glass wall - with a mischievous grin on her face. In Chris Cheon's own word he described Yasmin how her clowning around taught people like him, who take work and life seriously, that even he himself forgot how to smile: to "Enjoy each moment in life. Now".

Yasmin clowns around but her works are never dumb. She taught me that we can always deliver what is wanted, and even more, but at the same time, to stay humane. It is sad to know that we can lose our ability to help, to care, to mentor, to learn and to be compassionate just for the expense of doing something right. Isn't to forgive is a human condition? We are not alone, and no matter how tough or hard you act, we (should) have feelings.

I am serious to excel myself in doing what I'm doing right now but I promise myself, climbing up the mountain (excuse me Miss Cyrus), I will never let myself get lose in the journey.

Yasmin Ahmad in memory (1958 - 2009)

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