Tuesday, July 29, 2008

'When I Hate it, I Hate it'

Hate is an emotion, ignited by our perspective over the particular person/stuff/situation. The opposite to hate is love, tho the degree of both feelings cant be measured. Hate can be influenced by the perception of good or bad, right or wrong. appropriate or non-appropriate. To be simple, it's about you see things laa. If you see a dog, an ur like d uneducated Muslim one.. you'll be hating the dog like hell since u think. 'I cannot touch it, I cannot eat it as what's said in the Qoran.. so I shud hate it' sambil baling2 batu lagi.. and when you see other Muslims melayan that anjing, you hate that brother/sister as well.

as to the ironic, God never ask us to that dog. we're just forbidden to eat it for some particular reason - health, too cute to be eaten, etc - and even we know one old story on how a prostitute is granted to be in heaven coz she gave a dehydrated dog some drinks. (Wallahualam~)

Who can hate these cute creatures? Kan Reza kan?

Menyimpang jap, come to think of it.. bygkan if we can eat dog. They'll be no watch dog.. or tracking dog.. or dogs that assist the blinds coz we r busy eating them. :P

anywayyyy.. back to the story about hate. Hate is not a feeling encouraged by anybody. but the feeling of hate is satisfying. you can notice sumone who seems emotionless, can be so passionate when talking bout sumone/sumthing that he or she hates. but yeah, the one problem with hate is, it blurs the line of fair judgement. never.. u can never get a fair judgement actually coz hate is a feeling - just like love - that can make anybody be bias in their judgement.

as example.. just because one old day, you bought a Gucci handbag, paid high-price wit expectation u can show it off to ur frens. and then, when at the hang out spot with your girlfriends.. busy showing off how 'the bag so quality one.. the leather is so shining... u see ah.. the zip can open 3 ways' SNAP.. the zip suddenly koyak! From that moment of embarassment, u swear never to buy Gucci and u hate the brand. after several months.. ur fren asked u.. 'hey, i wanna buy a clutch, which brand is good eyh?'

trust me... the 1st sentence coming out from ur mouth wud be, 'Never ever Gucci!' while swaying your middle.. oops.. ur index finger~

that's how it goes. for other ppl who had never had ur experience ur experience.. they'll keep on liking Gucci and keep on spending. That's how we roll! hikhik

Back to fair judgment. I believe that how much hates that you have in your heart, it shud never interfere with ur ability to see things in a clear perspective and the right dimension. You can always use your hate as an opinion, but never as your principle. instead of 'never ever Gucci' the fashionista above can always said 'I used to buy Gucci, but one gloomy, sad, dissapointing, hell of a day changed my perspective. However, I wont stop you. U shud go and survey 1st'

One nice Gucci bag~

see? It's all about the choice of words.. hikhik. no laa.. it's about how you still having the hate, but you can still manage to be reasonable.

a lil pinch of politics.. i know this is old, but yeah.. Anwar vs. Shabery had been a very hot debate. I havent watched em in 'action' yet, but hearing the stories from most of my frens.. all of them were like 'Shabery soo bodoh..' 'Shabery so lame' 'Anuar so cool, so handsome' 'Anuar's like our saviour' all that stufss.. u know...

but then.. it's so refreshing when one day Cana, Firin n I were heading to Old Town White Coffee, n Firin started talking bout that.. Firin said, 'yeah, I know that Shabery's answers are menyimpang and all, plus he seems to give a lot of personal attacks to Anwar.. but come to think of it, it's true what he said. Just because we're not satisfied with the government, we shudnt go demonstrate and do chaos'

finally.. a fair judgement bebeh!


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