Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Top 10 Albums

These are the albums that I can play all the time on my playlist without feeling bored with even one song in them. They are the album that has good songs, good musics, good arrangement and can never dissapoint you. This is only for artist album and not including soundtracks. that could be for another post. I just wanna share this with you guys and drop me some comments if you have ur own opinion! :)

10. Laundry Service - Shakira

I listened to this album when I was in form 3, still guna cassette player. this is a cool album, with Shakira offering Latin spice in various genre of songs. we have tango (Objection), pop rock (Rules) and pop mcm Whenever Wherever. i cant stop listening to this album otw to and back from Dungun where I had my debate competition there. Until now, the songs in this album are still my favs.

9. Famous Last Words - Hedley

This band from Canada is amazingly good. I like their fresh and energetic mood especially in the song 'She's So Sorry'. tapi my personal pick in this album is 'Never Too Late' which is very unique and apart from most songs in this album. Hedley is one of the many bands yg I can stand the vocal and the music, combined. :)

8. Alright, Still - Lily Allen

This UK bombshell really made a splash with her debut album. With the distinct accent and sound, she quickly gained my attention with her catchy 1st single, 'Smile'. After listening to her full album, her identity of catchy and quirky music and lyrics couldnt be denied. My favs are 'Littlest Thing' , 'LDN', 'Friday Night' and 'Shame For You' The other tracks are just as amazing.

7. 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane - t.A.T.u

t.A.T.u gained recognition more by their sexuality but coming with that was beautiful sounds produced in this debut album. For me, this album is electronically perfect. With distinct electronic/dance numbers, they really manage to capture the young hearts. I love all the songs in this album so I don't think I needa point out any track. Just listen to all.

6. Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson

The 2nd studio album from Miss Clarkson was definitely her best effort still. The pop rock mood brought forward thru this album is not just listenable but they're all like top 10 materials. Kelly Clarkson's vocal is undeniably excellent and the songs and the vocal compliment each other. I would pick 'Addicted' and 'Walk Away' as my favs, but yeah, all songs rawk!

5. We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things - Jason Mraz

Wake Up!!! Jason Mraz isnt all about 'I'm Yours' which I had listened to like more than a year ago. get this album and you'll know he's a folk pop genius. I love folk pop and Jason Mraz is one of my fav artist of the genre. This album is fresh with lotsa acoustic in it and yet, that's what set him apart from other artist. My fav would be 'Butterfly' and 'If It Kills Me'. But of course who can forget the obvious 'I'm Yours' and 'Lucky' that has become overrated nowadays. :)

4. Back to Black - Amy Winehouse

This problematic girl despite all her shenanigans is definitely a musical force to reckon with! This album is dark, and disturbing but yet the best record I've listened to yet. the weight in her vocal, combined with the emotional and well-composed songs are just total synergy. If you're seeking for a difference in your playlist, grab this album and you'll definitely be satisfied. My personal pick would be 'Back to Black', 'Addicted' and 'You Know I'm No Good'.

3. The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

Ahhh, another band, another great album. This album is just an amplified My Chemical Romance. They're like giving their all for this album until for some reason I am quite nervous of what state of excellence of their next album that they can bring in to compete with the Black Parade. But yeah, this album is like a dream album from a band, with every track has it's own energy and emotional wreck. I love every single song in this album but the obvious would be 'This is How I Dissappear', 'The Sharpest Lives', 'Famous Last Word' and 'Cancer'. Oh, oh.. actually I do have my bestest pick.. it's 'Mama' which I think of it as the new version of Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. The operatic element is just great!

2. Stripped - Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has been my fav artist for long and I just love this 2nd album from her. It's totally not too poppish like her 1st, and not too retro like 'Back to Basics'. 'Stripped' is just a manifestation of her youth and this album can just relate to anybody who has anger, dissatisfaction and emotion, of course! Her vocal is amazing as always in this album and several collaborations blew me away as such 'Can't Hold Us Down' ft. Lil Kim and 'Impossible' ft. Alicia Keys. This album is filled with tracks that are full of souls and grooves and I know you'll like them.

1. Heroes Thieves - Vanessa Carlton

Oh.. I've been liking and promoting this album like forever and all the time. The album is in my handphone, mp3 player, my playlist and my mind. Funny that I've never liked Vanessa's 2 previous albums before I got my ears into listening to this album. This is what I call a folk pop perfection which any Jason Mraz's albums combined cant compete with. She just blew me away that every single track draws a certain level that are higher than the latter. She started this album with a comeback-track-larger-than-ever 1st single, 'Nolita Fairytale' telling the world how free she is now, and continue the album with tracks telling us about her split up with her ex-bf. Note, this is not an emo album bout a chick rambling negatively bout her life, but this is more than that. Her songs tell us about living life to the fullest, about regret, about hope, all in choice of words that cannot be anymore literature-wise. I won't recommend any fav pick coz I would pick every single track in this album as my most favourite. Just listen to this album and tell me what you guys think. :)

I guess that's all for now, i'll post more of my fav albums and songs. Enjoy for now!


fazly mshis said...

aku suke gile nk mati clarkson's 2nd album tuh! dulu kan kai kaset haha simpan smpai skang wey best2 kelly!

|sMa| said...

yerp.. dlm tu lagu sumer best2.. lupa nk ckp yg satu lg lagu aku suka dln album tu lagu 'hear me'.. sedeyh2.. haha~

Okabe said...

hey! where is my effing Norah Jones - Come Away With Me?
x suka sume lagu ke?

Anonymous said...

OMG. heroes & thieves is my fave too!

lagu2 smue best. like seriously GOOD.


|sMa| said...

yesss.. i'm glad ada lg yg suka heroes thieves..

i br dgr smlm jadikan the album my lullaby.. hehe

Fadli Zulkifli said...

Kobi kaillat ngan maroon 5 latest album should be in.