Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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aku kene tagged dgn miss Aimi Jamshah.. ini adalah post paling susah penah aku buat selama ni! haihhh....

My top 10 favourite food.

:: ayam masak cuka, resipi my kakak, Ana
:: daging masak kicap, special hari raya, resipi Opah
:: mee rebus, resipi my stepmom
:: ayam goreng spicy McD
:: nasi goreng ayam madu restoran Salaam
:: Mee goreng telur mata Sithick
:: nasi lemak kukus + ayam goreng rempah + timun + kuah ayam masak merah + papedem kat kafe v5
:: sate Haji Samuri
:: strawberries <-- considered food jugak kan?
:: roti telur

10 Things I love doing
:: reading
:: jogging
:: not eating
:: singing
:: acting
:: annoying my bestfrens
:: traveling
:: watching movies
:: watching t.v series
:: shopping

5 Types of girls that I adore
:: cool
:: know what she's talking about
:: who has vision
:: who has great lips like Angelina Jolie
:: who has voice that I cant stop listening to

5 Things I love doing when I'm feeling down
:: nangis
:: dengar lagu sedeyh pastu nanges lagik
:: jalan sorang2 waktu malam2
:: tido
:: kol Udin, he is the type of fren dat can share your pain n cheer u up at the same time

5 Things I love doing when I'm happy
:: sing out loud
:: call my Dad
:: dengar lagu happy
:: senyum sorang2
:: bgtao ape yg happykan aku kat kwn2

10 Ways to win my heart
:: pandai menjaga hati aku
:: sensitif dengan keperluan aku, either it's time-out, space, or when I'm in need
:: respect
:: able to accept me for who I am
:: able to accept the fact that my family always comes first and love them like she loves me
:: able to accept my adorable friends for who they are and get along with them
:: be well educated both academically and religiously
:: always know what to say and when to say it
:: sempoi!
:: omg, buhsannya dis question! oh yeah, nk sumbody who can converse with me in English. it's a must ;)

My top 5 most favourite junk food
:: super ring
:: King's Brownies Tin Royal ice cream
:: keropok ayam Bika
:: Hershey's Kisses
:: choki choki

5 Things I wish it could happen soon
:: graduation
:: be a singer?
:: vacation in Europe
:: jadik jutawan and support my parents
:: duduk serumah dgn my loved one

10 Ridiculous things I wish to do before I die
:: mengembara ikut trail dalam novel Da Vinci Code pastu carik the Holy Grail? haha
:: join Angelina Jolie in her humanitarian efforts
:: jumpa Oprah Winfrey and cakap kat dia she has inspired me soo much
:: jumpa Fran Drescher (main actress in The Nanny) hahaha
:: ada multinational company with billions of profit
:: nk record my own song.. and perform dpn millions of people.. maybe buat world tour?
:: travel all around the world with my loved one
:: achieve 55kg of weight? ahhaah, dat means i need to lose 10 kg *sigh~
:: rescue Siti Nurhaliza from dato' K
:: masuk Amazing Race Asia dengan my bestie, Udin
:: be able to makan everything but maintain kurus

My top 10 recently most addicted song
:: Jordin Sparks - One Step at a Time
:: Jennifer Hudson - Spotlight
:: Coco - Mengintai Langit
:: Laura Paussini - It's Not Goodbye
:: Jem - I Always Knew
:: Malique ft. Najwa - Kau yang Punya
:: Misha Omar - Jawapanmu
:: Susan Cagle - Dear Oprah
:: McFly - Lies
:: Cassie - Is It You

10 Person I wish to tag
:: Pat
:: Meeno
:: Finz
:: Fidzy
:: Dosh
:: Udin ( I know you have blog!)
:: Lincat
:: Alin
:: Paan
:: Shidan

Omg, habis pun..


Anonymous said...

Weyh! Plagiarism!!

hahaha :p

|sMa| said...

hahahha.. tau xpe
bnyk gileer yg i tiru u jek ;P

Amer said...

dis post make me hungry :P

Stephanie Morris said...

Ismal! aku dah penat buat...skrg kau baca! every single word! hhuhu..

ade yang same ngan u...i swear i dah jawab baru i baca! hehe..

i miss you!