Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Night and The Day

Hey, what's up?

Miss me? I miss u guys definitely. Will be talking a lot more later. But lemme sleep first. Long night I had yesterday celebrating my 23-rd birthday with my supercool friends - Nayong, Fifi, Aznin and Zaim. Yeah, now a year older but age is just a number (kata orang-orang yang dah tua).

It's Sunday morning and my sister is cooking special lunch for my birthday. I realized, time keeps passing by but I still have a loving family which love for each other keeps getting stronger. And I have amazing bestfriends from school time, to university time and new friends that keep on adding colors to my life. Life is such a blessing with these companies.

I'm just hoping that May is definite and I will start a new phase of life which I have waited for so long. Maybe in KL? 

Until then... see you guys soon! :)

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